By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge your commitment to upholding professional standards and providing exceptional instruction. Thank you for choosing to work with us.


 Our aim at IPHM is to provide membership for all qualified therapists to create an independent and unified standard of practice amongst all practitioners. Accredited therapists are more likely to obtain the confidence of the public when part of a larger umbrella of other professional practitioners. However, we do not make any guarantees of work in the industry and members should abide by their own countries' laws and licence agreements.



Pre Requisites for All Therapists


  1. You should only be offering services within the limits of your competence and training and all therapist must agree to abide by our T&Cs & Code of Ethics.
  2. If offering aesthetics you should hold a minimum of a level 3 beauty qualification or hold a qualification in semi-permanent makeup or equivalent and have the necessary insurance cover. (please note insurance can be requested with discount for IPHM members) so if not currently insured you should obtain this within 7 days of acceptance. We may ask you to show proof of insurance cover. We will request a copy of your qualifications for all the therapies you wish to offer.

    What you are agreeing to:
    As an accredited IPHM therapist you must under no circumstances mislead your clients by offering therapies or services you are not qualified to do. Failure to mislead the public or your clients may result in the immediate removal of your listing and no refund will be offered. All therapists are agreeing that they have read and understood our T&Cs and agree to follow our code of ethics. Using the IPHM logo either by wearing your badge or showing your certificate without a valid membership can result in prosecution. Only members who have a valid subscription are eligible to use our Trust mark. It is the members responsibility to abide by their own countries' laws and licence agreements however IPHM recognise members worldwide. 


    Further T&CS 

    Payment Flow and Delivery Policy: 
    Once you have made payment and subscribed to IPHM your application will be processed within 14 working days once we have received all relevant documents. A signed copy of your certificate and ID badge (if applicable) will be sent to you as an attachment with your acceptance email ready for you to download. You may also request a posted hard copy to be sent out to you via the member's dashboard (postage charges will apply). Once your certificate has been issued you have now entered into a legal and binding contract with IPHM as set out below.

    Complaint Procedures:
    The IPHM will only mediate if the complaint is unresolved due to an inability to reach a mutually agreeable outcome or if the therapist has in any way refused to handle the complaint. If wishing to make a complaint regarding one of our members you must have contacted the member concerned first, only if this has not been resolved should you then request an IPHM complaints form. 

    The IPHM reserves the right to suspend or withdraw accreditation depending on the nature and severity of the complaint, as well as the number of repeated complaints lodged against a member. No refund will be issued if the complaint is upheld. 

    Instalments, Subscriptions T&Cs:
    Yearly Subscriptions: If making payment via yearly subscription then your payments are deducted automatically from Paypal or our Payment Provider each year on renewal. We do send reminders beforehand but do not guarantee that you will get a reminder. Please note that should you wish to cancel your subscription then you should do this at least 7 days before your renewal date or at the time you receive your reminder, this is usually 10 days before payment is taken. Membership fees will remain the same but only if renewals are made on or before the due date. 

    Listing Amendments/Cancellations - Please note the ownness is on the member to inform us of any necessary changes such as new email address or contact details, IPHM accepts no responsibility for emails not being received by the member but will send a copy of our IPHM reminder email sent to you on request.  Once your subscription (in the case of PayPal this must be done directly by the member) is cancelled your details and listing will be removed from our website and you will no longer be entitled to use the letters IPHM after your name or use our logo and membership badge if applicable showing that you are an approved member of IPHM.

    UK members only - Protected TitlesUpdated 3/2/2021 Arts Therapists, Art Therapists, Dramatherapists, Music Therapists and Art Psychotherapists is not an approved title to use in the United Kingdom unless you already hold membership and have permission to use these particular titles with the HCPC

    Monthly Instalments - Minimum Period Terms and ending your Agreement:
    Important please read if you have chosen to pay for your subscription via our instalment plan as these are the terms you are agreeing to - Your payments will be due monthly on the same date as you signed up. All payments are inclusive of VAT.

    Your Pay Monthly Membership Agreement has a minimum term called a Minimum Period, which could be as short as 30 days. After the Minimum Period, you can end the Agreement by giving us 30 days' Notice (unless any other statutory or regulatory rules apply).

    If monthly payments are not made on time then IPHM has the right to request the full balance outstanding. It is important to make your payments on the date stated once agreed and if you have any difficulty then you should contact us immediately.

    Unless specified otherwise, if you want to end the agreement during the Minimum Period or we end this agreement as a result of your material breach, then you will have to pay an Early Termination Charge which amounts to no more than your Monthly Subscription Charges multiplied by the number of months left in your Minimum Period.

    Examples of Early Termination Charges:
    Example: You have applied for a 12-month therapist membership via a monthly subscription  for example costing £12 a month and decide to stop trading after six months. This means you’ll pay an Early Termination Charge for the last six months of your contract. which gives an Early Termination Charge of £72.00.

    Terminating your Membership
    We may end the agreement without your consent if you have any outstanding payments due on your account. We can also end the agreement if we have reason to believe the service is being used fraudulently, illegally or in a way that can harm our reputation. We may also end your agreements if you are found to be in breach of our T&Cs. This is a rolling contract and renewal will continue unless cancelled.

    Amendments to your listing

    Amendments to your listing can be requested via your personal member's dashboard, once we have received your request we are happy to amend any details free of charge and this will usually be done within 48 hours. If however, you require a change of trading name this may incur an admin fee. 

    How to Cancel your Renewal Membership
    Cancellation if Paying via Subscription - If you have set up a yearly PayPal subscription to pay for your membership you will need to cancel this directly through PayPal, if you request a cancellation you will be sent details of how to do this. If you wish to cancel before your application has been processed and you have simply changed your mind then this will incur an admin fee equivalent to the non-refundable deposit. Our logo must be removed from any website or paperwork showing you as an approved and accredited IPHM member once the cancellation has been made and accepted.

    PayPal Subscriptions -  It is the member's responsibility to cancel PayPal Subscriptions directly and IPHM will not be eligible to refund any payment if this has not been completed and your renewal certificate has already been emailed to you.  If you require assistance to cancel your subscription directly then we will be happy to assist on request.  Although you may receive a cancellation letter from IPHM, you will need to ensure your PayPal Subscription has been cancelled directly by you. Details of how to do this are on the cancellation letter so you should read this carefully. 

    Refund Policy

    1. Should you not supply said information as shown in a) on request and your application has been processed then please note you will not be eligible for any refund and we hold the right to withdraw your membership.
    2. Refunds will only be issued in the case that IPHM does not accept your request for membership.   
    3. Should you cancel your agreement for any reason after your documents have been issued and sent to you via email you will not be eligible for a refund. 
    4. Please note a refund will not be sent to anyone who has cancelled their membership during the term or simply changed their mind.
    5. Refunds will be offered if you have notified us that you have cancelled your subscription and followed the above instructions, but payment has still been deducted through no fault of your own. You may need to show us proof of your cancellation if disputing a refund.

    Arrears - Arrears payment is an important part of financial responsibilities. Any outstanding payments are requested in the form of an invoice. All customers must ensure that all payments are made in full and on time, so that their financial records remain up-to-date and accurate. Failure to do so could result in additional fees and charges, or even legal action. It is important to stay on top of any arrears that exist, and payment plans can be arranged if necessary.

    Marketing Emails - You are agreeing to receive marketing communications from IPHM. This means that we may send you newsletters or information that we feel is relevant and important regarding your membership. We will not pass your details on to 3rd parties, or send spam emails. You may unsubscribe at any time.
    You also agree that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by our Code of Ethics. 

    Important Note:  If there are any changes to the government or updated guidelines, IPHM has the right to modify or remove any courses or therapies that do not align with these changes. Please ensure that the updated terms and conditions reflect this requirement. You will be asked to confirm you have read updated T&Cs when you log into your members dashboard.  You should check our t&cs regularly for any updates that may affect your listing. 


    Our Company Details:

    Registration Name: Holistic Therapy Services Ltd – Trading as IPHM

    Office Address: Duke Street Business Centre - Littleborough - UK

    Place of registration: Companies House – Cardiff

    Registration Number: 11289698 

    Vat Number: 361613416

    Tel: 44 01706 838332


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