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Join our global community of members from the UK, Europe, USA, China, Canada, Australia, and beyond. Boost your credibility today by becoming a fully approved Corporate IPHM member and receive a Certificate of IPHM Approved Corporate Member Status. This will add credibility to your training programs, workshops, and courses. You can also advertise your status and use our Approved Corporate Member IPHM Trustmark on your promotional materials and student awards/certificates. Additionally, you will receive unlimited referral fees when you recommend your students, a discount on a wide range of holistic products, and your business will be promoted to thousands of visitors via our website and social media.

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Corporate membership allows you far more IPHM accredited courses than Standard or Executive membership:

  • Corporate Band 1: Up to 50 Courses: £450.00/year (£9.00 per course)
  • Corporate Band 2: Up to 150 Courses: £1,000.00/year (£6.67 per course)
  • Corporate Band 3: Up to 400 Courses: £1,600.00/year (£4.00 per course)

Accrediting your courses can provide your organisation with an endorsement and greater credibility as a professional training provider. This can be done by requesting accreditation with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) for any form of training course - be it an online e-learning course, workshop or class. Once accredited, you will receive an IPHM Certified certificate, and can use the IPHM Certified Trustmark on your course materials and certificates. Additionally, your training school will be listed on the IPHM website, with a link to your own website/social media page. You can check the list of courses that the IPHM accredits on their website. As a member of the affiliate programme, you can use the phrase 'recognised by the International Practitioners of Holistic medicine' on your course material and website.

FEES -  The total cost of our accreditation for course providers is an annual membership fee which includes accreditation of the specified number of holistic training courses and a full profile page where you may have your own logo and photo listed with scope for a large write-up and multiple keywords included.  

Why Join IPHM
Be part of a worldwide accreditation board. Your listing will be promoted using our website and social media so you will have access to even more students looking for an accredited training provider.  

Once your students have completed their exam with you they can then also join IPHM as professional therapists/practitioners from £165.00 per year which includes a listing on our site and badge/certificate. Plus you will earn £10 for every student you refer. 

What type of courses do you accredit?
We accredit a huge range of courses that are of a holistic/alternative/spiritual nature. Beauty, Arts, and language courses are also welcomed. We are happy to offer accreditation to course providers who can show that they have quality courses and support to offer their students. To see a full list of all courses we cover please see Modalaties Covered

To apply for corporate member status, please complete the online application and make your subscription payment. Your application will then be reviewed and your certificate for your accreditation will be sent to you as a pdf attachment for you to print off and also the option of a signed and stamped certificate posted out.  You will then be eligible to become a registered course provider and will be listed on our website under the heading of Professional Training Providers.

Referral Programme
As a recognised IPHM Corporate member we will pay you up to £10.00 for every one of your students who joins IPHM by way of your referral. You will find further details in your members dashboard. 

Being an IPHM Corporate Member has additional rewards 

Show your students you care...Denote your affiliation with IPHM as an approved corporate training provider and add credibility to your training programs and courses. Advertise your status and use our logo on your promotional materials.   

   Benefits for your Students when they join IPHM

  •  Discount insurance for all members
  •  Professional Membership Certificate
  •  Professional Membership Badge
  •  Free listing on the IPHM website 
  •  Free Holistic Therapy Guide Ebook
  •  Approved IPHM therapist logo for their website or social network page

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T & C's
Please note that by subscribing to iphm your annual subscription will automatically be taken out of your account each year unless canceled. You will be issued with a new certificate each year. Should you wish to cancel your membership then please cancel this within one month of renewal. Once you have canceled your subscription your details will be removed from our website. Please note only IPHM members are entitled to use the letters IPHM after their name and use our logo. 

IPHM Members can get discounted insurance from our preferred Insurance Providers.