Suzanne Eshelby insured

Training Provider & Therapist

Suzanne Eshelby


Prestwood, United Kingdom
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Suzanne Eshelby

Courses Offered:

Foundation Aesthetics Vitamin Injections Skin Toxin BB Glow Micrco-needling Mesotherapy Advanced Skin Boosting IV Vitamins Plasma Blasting Advanced Filler Dermaplaning Chemical Peel Henna Brows Henna Brows Advanced Brow Definition Advanced Waxing Specialist Advanced Anti aging facial massage Lash Lifts Facial Techniques Introduction to waxing

Suzanne Eshelby

Hello everyone, my name is Suzanne and I am very passionate about teaching Aesthetics with Care.

I like to train one to one, I also offer refresher courses, and anyone is welcome to shadow me free of charge. I will always ensure every student is fully confidant before their training is finished and extending their learning time if needed for no extra cost! 

Courses accredited by IPHM:

Foundation Aesthetics | Vitamin Injections | Skin Toxin | BB Glow | Micrconeedling | Mesotherapy | Advanced Skin Boosting | IV Vitamins Therapy Refresher | IV Vitamins Plasma Blasting Advanced Filler

Therapies accredited by IPHM:

Advanced Dermal Fillers | Botox | Vitamins | Microneedling | Teaching | Chemical Peel | BB Glow | Fat Dissolving

For more information please visit my Facebook Page or Instagram!

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