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IPHM is the ONLY Global Beauty Training Provider Certification Board for high- quality Training Providers to receive trusted certification, so people who are seeking courses can find the best. 

You can use our database of certified Training Providers to help you find who will be right for you, knowing full well that every provider on this list has been through a rigorous process that proves they are tried, tested, and trusted.

You can feel safe in the knowledge that any Training Provider with an IPHM certification can be trusted to deliver a fantastic service, meaning you will feel more at ease and confident when picking the right course and provider for you.


Consider asking the following questions to your training provider: How long have they been in the industry? Do they have a portfolio of their work? What qualifications do they hold? Are there any positive reviews available? How large are the class sizes? Does the training package come with a complete kit? Do they offer ongoing support beyond the training period? Researching these aspects will help you make an informed decision when selecting a training provider.

Gaining sufficient training and experience is crucial for you to feel at ease while performing treatments on your clients. It involves learning the correct techniques and understanding how to handle issues that you may encounter regularly. This knowledge is essential for dealing with clients effectively and ensuring their satisfaction.

Are the courses they offer fully accredited?

It is crucial to ensure that your training provider is fully accredited. We have observed many instances where recently qualified therapists have approached us with qualifications that are not fully accredited, leading to  disappointment when we cannot accept them as IPHM approved therapists.

 It is therefore recommended that you verify the accreditation status of your course before enroling to avoid such situations. 

Training with an IPHM Training Provider:

We will recognise an individual as a professional therapist, should they choose to join us, provided that they have received training from an IPHM accredited trainer.

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