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Ecaterina Oancea IPHM


Dagenham, United Kingdom
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Therapies Offered:

Aesthetics Dermal fillers Mesotherapy Microneedling Advanced Skin Boosters Artistic Facial Profiling Face & Body Contouring

Ecaterina Oancea

Katerina Aesthetics London offers the highest quality services.

“Be the best version of yourself”

  • Aesthetics
  • Advanced Filers
  • Advanced Skin Boosters
  • Dermaplaning/ Chemical Peels/ Mesotherapy/Microneedling 
  • Fat Dissolving Face and Body
  • Professional Facial Treatments etc


  • Artistic Facial Profiling 
  • Advanced Facial Fillers 
  • Anti wrinkle Injections 
  • Fat Dissolving Injections 
  • Professional Facials
  • Dermaplaning/Chemical Peeling 
  • Mesotherapy/ Microneedling 
  • Body contouring ( Cavitation, Radio frequency, Laser, Pressotherapy) etc

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