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Join the largest professional accreditation board for beauticians and training providers worldwide. With our affordable certification, you can take your beauty business to the next level and show clients that you meet the highest standards. Gain credibility and trust with IPHM Accreditation.

If we trust you, clients do too.

At IPHM Beauty, we have thousands of clients worldwide who are searching for therapists, beauticians, and training providers just like you. As we have an international reputation, we serve as a gateway for great opportunities. If clients see that we trust your services, they are more likely to trust you too, which results in more bookings for you.

The IPHM Team

Our globally recognised trustmark

It’s this trustmark right here that opens the door for our certified beauticians and training providers. It’s our international seal of approval. The certification that lets our industry know that you deliver a service to the highest standard and are completely trusted by us. Put the IPHM trustmark next to your name and suddenly you open the door to even more clients. We don’t just hand out our sought after trustmark to anyone though. Only the best get it.

Simple and affordable application

We have a straightforward and cost-effective online application process. It is a thorough process, not to mention there are some high expectations that need to be met. But almost all beauticians and training providers that apply to be IPHM certified, hit the standards we expect.


So, what do you say? Ready to become IPHM globally certified?

Apply now and let’s make it happen.

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